Milli Micro Systems offers a variety of I.T. Services to
meet all of your organizational needs
  • Cloud computing is more than a goal; it’s a federal mandate. The delivery of infrastructure assets over the Internet is one of the most significant trends in IT today. Milli Micro Systems comprehensive managed cloud services help federal, state, local, and commercial customers achieve business transformation with the economy, flexibility, and speed of the cloud. … Continue reading CLOUD COMPUTING

  • Milli Micro Systems, Inc. has everything you need to get Information Technology done whether it is augmenting your own support staff or just wanting to outsource. Milli Micro Systems provides IT management services to improve service levels, satisfaction, and end-user productivity through streamlining processes, centralizing IT support, training processes, and integrating support tools. Milli Micro Systems … Continue reading IT MANAGEMENT

  • We understand that there can be a significant risk associated with information systems. MMS can help your information assurance efforts by ensuring the security of a Trusted Computing Base (TCB) with Trusted Paths (TPs). To this end MMS provides a variety of Information Assurance related services. Some of our services include: Disaster Recovery & Continuity of Operations System Analysis and … Continue reading INFORMATION ASSURANCE

  • Success on the battlefield and in the boardroom isn’t about more data. It’s about rapid insights from data. We deploy cloud technologies, open-source software, and big-data engineering solutions all to help you extract the most relevant information—from across the data landscape—for the greatest impact. Milli Micro Systems provides cost, resource, and process efficiencies through a … Continue reading INTEGRATION SERVICES

  • To make the toughest calls, you need the latest information. Milli Micro Systems provides a strategic approach to identifying and mitigate network risks and issues. Through the application of standardized processes and best practices, we help organizations achieve full life-cycle network solutions. In addition to standard networking MMS can help you implement PBX, VOIP, Network Load … Continue reading NETWORK / COMMUNICATIONS

  • MMS can provide help desk and IT support in and outside your organization. MMS provides support on an as needed basis or can become a core part of your team. MMS has an excellent track record in helping organizations to manage complex programs. We believe that our success comes from combining a deep understanding of the content … Continue reading SUPPORT / INFO MANAGEMENT