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The Importance of Cyber Security


Why Is Cyber Security Important?


The increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats (targeting phishing scams, data theft, and other online vulnerabilities) require us to remain vigilant securing our systems and information.


The average computer does not have proper security controls in place. New attack methods are found every day. There were 183 million accounts compromised is Q3 of 20141. The number of phishing sites leaped by 10.7 percent over the fourth quarter of 20132. These are just a few examples, and they highlight the importance of cyber security for protecting data and systems.


With BYOD becoming ubiquitous in the workplace the “trend in cybersecurity is that IT leaders are losing control of their technology. It’s a trend that obliterates how security has traditionally worked and it can’t be stopped.”3 Refusing to adapt is more expensive than investing in a new approach.


MMS has that new approach. We know Cyber Security should never be an afterthought, but instead integrated into every new project from the start. Our 5-step program is designed to deal with 95% of security problems right off the bat.


But wait, why aren’t all computer systems secure?


Partly due to hard technical problems, but also due to cost/benefit issues, Security costs and Security usually only pays off when there’s trouble. Typically, it’s the users’ perception that there is no real threat to themselves and they trust everyone, “Here is my password, I trust you’re not going to do anything bad, I don’t have any secrets.” and when that information gets out the user is now compromised. The user is not taking into account how their infected computer can hurt others.


This isn’t just an end user issue either, many key decision makers as well as the employees in organizations have this attitude. That is why we have added the 5th step to our program: Training. With the proper training stakeholders and employees can understand the importance of cyber security as a business process, not just something for the I.T. department. The I.T. department exists in an advisory and support capacity but cannot solve all problems by itself. It is in user’s and organization’s best interest to obtain the right knowledge to protect themselves from cyber threats. Our training in cyber security will ensure users will be aware of all important threats and how to be a smart user.


Cyber Security is an important Business issue, but like everything else unless you get buy-in across the board, Cyber Security policies and procedures will be ignored.






3. John Pescatore, director of emerging security trends at the SANS Institute